Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Thoughts

 When designing a kitchen, vanity,custom design wardrobe or cabinetry some thought beforehand about what your expectations can add so much to the final outcome. You know the lifestyle you live and what you expect out of the kitchen design or bathroom design etc. Therefore, we have put together a list to think about……………….


The kitchen is the heart of your home. The design of a kitchen needs to be functional, appealing and timeless. Look at your current kitchen design and have a think about the following:

1. Kitchen Budget
2. Do you need more kitchen cupboard space?
3. Do you like the idea of open shelves or overhead cupboards or kitchen cupboards or drawers in your kitchen?
4. Write down a list of what you consider to be kitchen essentials.
5. Think about the height of your kitchen bench top? Are there any requirements where you may feel that a higher bench top would suit your physical needs in the kitchen?
6. Think about what does or doesn’t work for you with the current design of your kitchen.
7. Think about colour scheme and the materials that work for you. Look under our products and read about the different materials that are available. There is no need to make a decision on what style of kitchen you want but just be aware of what is available.

Now is the time to call in Tano and talk to him about your kitchen ideas and he will work with you to custom design a kitchen that reflects your personal style and individuality and all within your budget. Our services will include all other tradespersons.

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